Sunday, February 9, 2014

[NG] Elyn Hobby 'Kastrysha' (aka Kshatriya) Part 05

Finally the day has come that I have finally completed my Kastrysha kit!!! XD

Binder connectors

Claws that are hidden under each Binders

Binders inner frame...

Binder armor...

Finally it's completed lol...

Fully open up

Only one binder LED is working.. The rest... I have no idea lol... 

For the binders, there's too many loose parts that keep popping out to the point that I had to use super glue to make it stay. That aside, I mounted all four binders up and test it's LEDs. Only one binder LEDs are working and the rest did not work. Not sure what went wrong as I had tried testing the LEDs alone and they worked. Probably the issue must be with the connectors. Anyway, I won't really bother to dismantle them as I had already super glued them so yeah lol...

Lastly, I had case it up and this display case is something new that I found on HLJ which I'm trying out. The case itself are flexible plastic sheet so it's easy assemble it up. The features in this is that you can reduce it's height by cutting it according to your preferences. I will touch more on that next time if this display case is good lol...

So now, I won't be doing another non-Bandai kit for the next few years and I can't wait to get back to my original Bandai kits lol...

- Vic


  1. Great build!
    The plug that connects the binder to the arm needs to be pressed in firmly for it to light up.
    Did you too have issues with the front skirts? I mean they are connected soo loose, it feels like I (the manual) missed something.

    1. I recalled pressing the binder connectors in securely but nothing happen too.. I have no issue with the front skirts.. Only had issues with certain parts that couldn't snap in together..

  2. Hey man, if you're planning on selling it, I would be keen as to buy it from you! Thanks

    1. haha.. I've no intention to sell it. But thanks anyway =)

  3. Congrats on finishing this kit! It's a big pain in the butt. Almost got mine done now.... One question? I seen on one of the pics you get, you got it too hold it's beam sabers. Just wanted to ask how? The hands are so weak on mine that it just flop down.