Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MG Unicorn Phenex has arrived!

From HAG / HAW that is lol... Since this is one of the few fastest ways to get newly released kits few days after it's release in Japan, I decided to pre-order this Phenex from them than from HLJ to prevent past incident (the Sazabi Ver Ka was only managed to ship out on Monday and came in on Friday due to many reasons) from repeating again.

I have another Phenex, which I'm not sure whether to re-sell it or not currently, shipped together with my gundam marker remover and MG Gundam X (Wasn't expecting me to buy this right? lol) coming on it's way and will probably arrive next Monday..

And I'm still waiting for the MG Build Strike Full Package from HLJ =.=''' HAG did have stock of them and I was tempted to buy. But in the end I didn't, so probably I give HLJ another chance and more time to deal with it.

- Vic

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