Thursday, February 6, 2014

[NG] Elyn Hobby 'Kastrysha' (aka Kshatriya) Part 04

Not much photos today as I was only assembling the waist, which took me 3 hours to do so =.='''

Well, it's normal for a non-Bandai product lol...

Since there's few photos, I might as well do up a review for this kit (excluding Binders). Click 'Read more' to view full post.

Testing the LEDs... I know it's kinda late to do that but thank god they're working nonetheless lol...

Finally it's completed!!! Without the Binders yet of course lol...

Review for this kit (Excluding Binders as I haven't build that yet)

Although Elynn Hobby did seperate the parts from the trees, there are still a majority number of parts with spruces or nub marks still sticking out from them. I had to cut and shave them off on every part before assembling them which took me lots of time. There are also plenty of part joints that are so loose that I had to use super glue to fix them everywhere.

The arms is by far the most easiest section to assemble. The only setback I had was it's pipes that requires super glue to hold them all together. I once drop it by accident and it's pipes were all scattered all over my floor and I literally had to search each of them for half hour. But fortunately I found them all so that's lucky of me lol...

Not much difficulty, except that it's chromed part that is located inside refuses to join properly together even with super glue. It still sticks but it's not completely joined.

The first challenge I ever had. It's side shoulders were giving me the headaches when I tried to get them pieced together with the LED cables dangling around it. I managed to deal with it fortunately was able to complete the body.

Lower Body
Another challenging one. It's like the combination of what I did for it's upper body all put together. The only most unfortunate one is the LED for it's side boosters were faulty when I tried to test and troublshoot. So in the end I gave up on those and strip out the cabling for it's side boosters so inside is just an empty shell.

I don't understand why I had to spent hours on it's waist alone, and it's pipe length were way too short to reach from one end to another. Not sure why but I managed to workaround it somehow by sticking the other end onto any free surface with super glue. It's not that visible when the front/side skirts were fixed so it's still good.

All I left now are it's Binders. This should be ok. Just suffer at the first attempt, and then get the hang of it for the next and remaining Binders.

- Vic

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