Sunday, February 16, 2014

Holy Mobile Suit and some other Updates!

Quite some time since I made my last bog updates lol... Anyway, firstly I like to touch on my newly embarked project that I'm planning to work on, previously I did not have a proper name and all for my Holy themed kits and ever since I built the Holy Knight Stein, I had bits and pieces of ideas coming into my head that were kinda confusing recently at first but should be more or less able to sort them out nicely. So firstly I had named my project the "Holy Mobile Suit" project or can be called as HMS for short lol...

Anyway, my Holy Knight Stein was the first to kick off this project and I had given it a final official name which is now known as the "HMS-02 Holy Knight Stein". Comes with it's own model number too, isn't that cool? haha... I have 2 more kits coming up soon to join in to this HMS project and they are the Holy Wing Zero and Holy ReZEL Guard.

HMS-02W Holy Wing Zero
HMS-03 Holy ReZEL Guard

I will be working on these two kits in terms of it's re-coloring. No additional or swapping parts will be done for these two as they are were good enough as they were. However, I did have one more kit that was also included in this HMS project but still in the process of planning.

HMS-01 Holy Unicorn Emperor
This kit will be doing not much of re-coloring (I had already planned to spray paint it's Psycho Frame with gold color and whatever that is grey will be silver lol) I had lots of parts that are swapping/adding to it, including this Armed Armor DE.

This is obviously not Bandai of course lol... But this looks awesome with my Unicorn that I'm customizing so I'm planning to include this into my customization list lol... So currently I'm gathering all the leftover parts from my previously built Unicorns and doing some trial and error on it in between my 2 current customize builds.

And that is all the update I had for my HMS project. Moving on to my other updates, my second new cabinet from V.Hive had arrived yesterday! =D

This time with blue LED lights, just for lighting effects purpose lol... So I have more room to more model kits in it haha! XD

Display cabinet aside, I had been looking up more on Google to find out how to improve panel lining skills and nub marks removal tutorials these days. I'm still sourcing the tools needed to do all that so that will take a bit more time for sure lol... I actually had this intention to do it, but with the limited tools I had currently, I had to make do with what I currently had to get by. But that doesn't means I don't hear your feedbacks and all, just that I took note of it but still sourcing for it. So bear with me on that lol...

Lastly, with the imminent arrival of Unicorn Gundam Phenex and Gundam Build Fighters Master Grade kits, I'm really looking forward to get them. Speaking of that, I was kinda disappointed and pretty much pissed off with HLJ in regards to the MG Build Strike Full Package kit. I'm sorry that I couldn't get it on time as HLJ orders were kinda screwed up at the moment and they kept delaying the restock by a month. Now their status on the website indicate that it will restock in March 2014 which I'm really pissed off on that. I had pre-ordered it since December 2013 and it's initial release was set on January 2014. I was really excited about this, I am. when they changed the status to February 2014 restock I was really disappointed that I inquire about it. The folks at HLJ said that it could due to the fact that this was a popular kit or the manufacturer produced less than they ordered for. So I just wait then, since they gave me this reason. But few days ago they changed the status to March 2014 restock, I was really pissed off that I send another mail to them asking about it, they should be responding to my query tomorrow. Now I'm really disappointed that I had to wait for this long just to get the MG Build Strike Full Package =(

Ranting aside, that's about it for my blog updates. Quite lengthy post though haha XD

- Vic

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