Saturday, February 6, 2016

[MG] DMS-02 'Dark Mage' Hi-Nu Ver Ka Gundam Painted Build - [6th February 2016]

Project Name:
DMS-02 Dark Mage

- Dark Flame Saber x3 (x1 at left wrist, x2 at backpack)
- Dark Flame Rifle x1
- Dark Flame Bazooka x1
- Dark Shield x1
- Death Guardians x6

Special Ability:
- Guardian's Flame (Full attack from Death Guardians)

The third kit that is to be under the Darkness Mobile Suit Project. I will make it an effort to include as much armnaments as possible, and hoping to use the some waterslide decals that I had bought last year to be apply on this kit lol...

List of Tamiya Spray Paint used:
- TS-38 Gun Metal (Darkened Internal Frame)
- TS-06 Matt Black (Primary color, for main armor parts)
- TS-85 Bright Mica Red (Secondary color, for selected armor parts)
- Tamiya Surface Primer Light Grey (For base coating with Bright Mica Red)

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

*Updated 6th February 2016: I manged to find time to plan the colors for my parts, and started cutting the parts out from my A runner frame. I'll be taking my own sweet time to do this for sure hahaha...

- Vic

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