Saturday, January 9, 2016

[Completed][PG] RX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn Full Psycho-Frame Prototype Mobile Suit (With LED Unit) - [Updated 9th January 2016]

The next Perfect Grade kit after Unicorn comes the Banshee Norn! Featuring it's Grenade Launcher that attached to the Beam Magnum, Armed Armor XC and Armed Armor DE, this is the next massive PG kit I had. The box itself is slightly thicker than the PG Unicorn kit due to the additional parts, and yes, I managed to get another LED set from HLJ =D

Armed Armor VN and Armed Armor BS currently selling as Premium Bandai, which I will get it and then put all the Armed Armor parts onto the Banshee lol..

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Front view...

Back view...

Side view...

Another side view...

Top view...

Another Top view...


*Updated 18th October 2015: Testing the LED unit, again lol.. Well, it's a brand new set, so I had to test it just in case lol.. Still no plans yet, but I might work on building the new parts first, like the Armed Armor DE lol..

Head LED light up first, as it should lol..

*Updated 20th October 2015: Start off with the new parts for introduction lol.. While the Beam Magnum rifle is not new, the attached Grenade Launcher is lol.. And pretty much so happy by the size of the Armed Armor DE shield lol..

*Updated 24th October 2015: Done with the new parts for most of it.. Showing them in it's Unicorn and Unchain mode lol.. The remaining parts were as usual, nothing new for them, maybe except for the legs that is gold in color.

*Updated 25th October 2015: Managed to complete the Right Leg today.. I nearly forgot how time consuming the leg is, with the LED wiring and stuffs lol...

The only new parts (recoloring) is just this gold frame..

*Updated 29th October 2015: I managed to completed the left Leg and the Waist unit before going on my overseas trip in about 5 hours time lol.. Nothing much to show, you all already know how the unchain mode for the Leg and Waist already looks like lol...

*Updated 7th November 2015: Finally completed all the parts of the PG Banshee (Except the base stand which I will touch on it at a later time).. I did a testing on the LED wiring one more time before I wrap them up and put it aside until the P-Bandai Armed Armor VN & BS set and the waterslide decal sheet arrives next year lol..

*Updated 9th January 2016: The set for the Armed Armor VN & BS weapon expansion set has finally arrived! Now I could get down to continue and finish it lol.. They were just a few pieces to begin with, so I decided to put them together in this post.

In case if you are wondering, I'm saving the waterslide decals for another usage for my next year's project lol..

As usual, time to do some poses in Unicorn, Destroy and Unchained mode lol..

And now, I should start to find places to store my Unicorn lol...

- Vic


  1. tht was fast of you to get the Banshee. Till now I'm still saving for the unicorn with LED.

    1. I have nothing much to build these past few months. Cos of that, I could save up enough to get the Banshee =)

  2. Do you happen to know the height of the banshee and the base dimensions? I'm getting one soon and need know if I'll need a custom acrylic case

    1. Based on my PG Unicorn size, it can just fit in one of my display case which is 31x31x46cm..
      If the Armed Armor DE is mounted behind Banshee, the height should be around 70cm tall..