Sunday, January 3, 2016

[HG] Super Fumina Minato Sakai's Mobile Suit - [Updated 3rd January 2016]

First Gundam kit to start off 2016! Well, actually I had this kit like a month ago back as backlog lol.. So here's Super Fumina, which is quite a good kit, also came as a surprise to majority of the Gunpla community folks which they didn't know that Bandai could make such a kit. It may not be as good as what the Gundam Build Fighters anime shown, but this is quite satisfying enough lol..

Did some minor panel lining, and not using the decals for Fumina's eye lashes. So I attempted to use the marker to draw her eye lashes out.. Forgive me if it's ugly, I'm not a makeup artist lol..

Note: This kit does not cast-off parts =P

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

*Updated 2nd January 2016: Done with the lower body and weapons. The decals for Super Fumina's *ahem..* tights *ahem..* is quite done badly in my opinion.. I will do some poses tomorrow and we are done lol...

*Updated 3rd January 2016: Pose time!

Up next, the PG Banshee Expansion set lol..

- Vic


  1. I think you did the facial lining (especially the eyelashes) good, if only you used a brown marker for the eyebrows and mouth, it would be better looking.

    My only issue with this kit is the fact that the skin colored parts, including face are shiny as if they give an impression that Fumina has an oily skin. Need some flat/semi flat coat to fix that.

    1. Thanks! =D

      Yeah I should try the brown marker next time when I drop by the hobby shop..

      And yes I agree with you on the coating. Maybe could try with the flat/matt coat some day, but she's currently being stowed away along with the PG Banshee in the storeroom as I have no space in my house at the moment haha..