Thursday, May 15, 2014

[New] 1/100 Nightingale, Hi-Nu Ver Ka & PG Unicorn Gundam(Or some other new PG kits???) - [Updated]

I was so happy that Bandai is finally going to release an actual Nightingale, except that it is in 1/100 scale. Not MG however, it's a No Grade (NG) like the 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam. Finally my Hi-Nu has an opponent now lol...

Speaking Hi-Nu, Bandai is also going to announce the release of MG Hi-Nu, in Ver Ka! Wasn't expecting this though lol...

And lastly, there might have a new PG kit coming too, but still unclear of what kit was it going to be. Most probably a Unicorn Gundam? I would really love to have that if it really happens lol...

Links from Gundam Guy blog post

1/100 Nightingale

MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver Ka

PG Unicorn Gundam??? Or maybe some other new PG kits..

*Updated: Totally wasn't expecting this SD Phenex Unicorn.... @.@

SD BB Unicorn Gundam Phenex

- Vic

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