Thursday, May 29, 2014

[Completed][MG] HMS-02W2 'Holy Angel Knight' Wing Zero EW Painted Build - [Updated 29 May 2014]

Project Name:
HMS-02W2 Holy Angel Knight

- Holy Beam Saber x2
- Twin Angelic Buster Rifle x2

Special Ability:
- Angel's Light (From Twin Angelic Buster Rifles)

This is my fourth kit for my ongoing Holy Mobile Suit project. My creative side story for this is that Holy Knight Angel was evolved from Holy Wing Zero after it was being defeated by the Dark side (Something that I recently thought up) and it's spirits rised and reborn into Holy Knight Angel.

So far this is my first kit that is able to evolve (Thanks to so many different variations of Wing gundam nonetheless lol) and I'm looking into whether if it's possible for the other kits to do the same too. This is also the first kit that I will try applying some custom decals on, which I'm currently wanting to experiment on it.

I will update this post with more pics as I move along. You can click on 'Read More' to view more pics XD

Silhouette image of Wing Gundam Zero

*Updated 19 April 2014: Color planning completed...

*Updated 19 May 2014: Exactly one month since I last touched this lol... I have separated all the parts and frames in preparation for spray painting purpose, after my exams finished tomorrow lol...

*Updated 25 May 2014: Finally got the chance to do spray painting lol... I have started work on building it lol...

I assembled and panel line the wings first as the weather wasn't that good in the morning..

And the weather turned fine in the late afternoon, so it's done lol..

Combination is good so far lol...

That center piece shouldn't be gold color originally lol...

*Updated 26 May 2014: I've completed the Upper body and Waist. While working on them, I had tried to simulate the tribal decals I had bought and I felt that there's too much gold focusing on this kit. So I will skip it and save it for my Holy Unicorn Emperor kit which is mainly white, so the decals can fit in nicely with it..

Color combination turns out great, except that center piece lol...

*Updated 27 May 2014: I have completed the legs and wings, tomorrow I might have enough time to complete up everything, and I still going ahead to experiment on the tribal decals..

Not complete yet lol...

*Updated 29 May 2014: Yes I'm back and I have completed the Holy Angel Knight's weapons and do posing (Sorry no decals used, still can't find any suitable spot to do it...)

Holy Angel Knight and Holy Wing Zero XD

Come to me~ lol...
Up next for my HMS project, the Holy Fighter and it's boosters lol...

- Vic


  1. Holy Shit this is amazing....great job mate

  2. Wow amazing build in the color scheme looks really good inspired me for my gundam manga I'm making