Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Updates

Sorry for the late updates once again. I had been busy with my work and studies as always. But this month or rather this week, Singapore is mourning over the passing of our founding father Lee Kuan Yew. Although I had never met him in person, but through reading his books I felt like I had met him up close. I had went to Parliament House to paid my last respect to the great leader on the first day of the Lying in State which is on Wednesday. I will not emphasis on his achievements and visions on here again as the local news media had been talking about it for this entire week. But nonetheless, a salute to him from me, and from Sazabi.

Ok back to the main topic. As I had mentioned previously, my kit for my GBWC entry is still in progress but has been slowed due to shortage of spray paints (due to my budget restrains). But during this shortage season, I had gathered enough crafting materials to experiment on certain parts, like a stand to make certain parts as though they were flying, and scratch build a few items as well. Honestly speaking I had no experience in scratch building stuffs, so bear with me while I'm figuring this out myself through tutorials and advice lol...

Lastly, as most people would have know, that Bandai is now producing MG Wing Fenice Rinascita, the next master grade kit after Exia Dark Matter for GBF series. I might be getting this alongside with Exia Dark Matter (I had it originally, but I sold it to my friend who wanted it more).

Links from Gundam Guy blog post

Also these 4 cute Puchigguys would be coming out in May 2015 as well. It is fitting to buy all 4 of them as a set rather than buying one by one. Yes, they were sold separately at 500 Yen (at HLJ).

Link from Gundam Guy blog post

That's all for this month's updates. Will be giving some updates again next month =)

- Vic

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