Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Display Case for Holy Mobile Suit Kits XD

I bought 3 more new display cases for my Holy Mobile Suit kits recently as they are quite big and could fit in 2 Master Grade kits in it. =D Sorry I forgot to take pics of the package, but I will lave a link to the said product and here's some pics to look and get the 'feel' of it lol..

Model Cover Square (LL) Clear by Hobby Base from Hobby Link Japan

Re-locating them to new space lol... Yes, they are stackable lol..

After this arrangement, I now have 2 empty display cases that I could use to put in other kits in it lol..

- Vic


  1. Hey man, where do you get those display cases? Those are perfect.

    1. Thanks! =D I got them from HLJ website.