Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Updates

As you can see now that I have really slowed down on my Gunpla building which had already started since last month. I'm still in the midst of financial recovery (which I'm still able to survive lol..) and I'm still will be buying something over the next few months but not that much. I will be focusing on my new project, the Darkness Mobile Suit project, starting with the DMS-01 Dark Unicorn Emperor. Now this, as I mentioned it in my other blog post, is a whole new different Unicorn which I will be using the Banshee as the based without the Armed Armor XC and DE parts. I can still make something good out of it and will be giving it another Beam Javelin which I taken from my FA Unicorn.

DMS project aside, I'm quite excited for the release of PG Unicorn. I have placed order for this at HAW for the full set. That's right, the PG Unicorn and it's light set. Another item that cost a bomb like the Neo Zeong, but it's kinda worth it because it's PG lol... And I'm still wanting to get the Hi-Nu Ver KA and the Nightingale if my financial bedget allows, but most likely will not happen till next year, as I needed money for all these upcoming stuffs and not to mention that I needed to pay for my course fees for my next semester study lol...

Anyway, that's about it for now. I will update again next month lol...

- Vic

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