Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[New] Some New Future Release Items! - [Updated 30 September 2014]

This also been quite some time since I last update lol.. I did still checking out the future release items, but so far doesn't interest me much. But there are a few items that definitely caught my attention.

RG Wing Gundam Zero EW (Release Date: Dec 2014) (Surprising eh? lol...)

Link to Gundam Guy blog post

Link to Hobby Art Gallery Pre-order post on Facebook Page

HG Beargguy F (Family) (Release Date: Nov 2014) (Another Beargguy variation from GBF S2, something new, and I'm loving it already lol...)

Link to Gundam Guy blog post and HLJ


Mega House 1/10 G.G.G. Aila Jyrkiainen (Release Date: Jan 2015) (There's some other figurines like this somewhere in GG's blog post.. still searching... Too deep inside =.=''')

Link to HLJ

- Vic

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