Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Updates

How time flies so quickly lol...

Side-tracked a bit, I managed to secured an iPhone 6 Plus!!! Will be collecting on this Saturday at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center XD

Back on track, I can't buy any Gunpla for the time being till end of next month. As much as I wanted to get the Hi-Nu Ver Ka and Nightingale, but I had to take things slowly now.. And I'm still stuck on my Holy Unicorn Emperor build at the moment due to shortage of spray paint colors I needed, but that would be resolved quickly once I'm able to get more spray paint next week.

All that aside, my AGP MS Girl Banshee is currently on the way now... estimating about 2 weeks later I would be able to receive it.. and as for HLJ, I do wanted to wait for the SD Command Gundam but it's still showing backordered status.. If it's still not ready by next week, I will ship out whatever I have in my private warehouse and wait patiently on my next few orders in the next 3 months lol...

That's pretty much on my updates. Will update again next month! XD

- Vic

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