Thursday, September 25, 2014

Latest Haul for September!

I haven't quite posting my latest haul in here lol... My last haul was the Neo Zeong which had sucked me dry.. I'm still in the midst of saving my money back again, so this haul is not much but mostly the leftover outstanding items that has yet to ship out.

Firstly, from HLJ, my regular hang out XD I'm very well-aware that the SD Unicorn Phenex is not chrome-plated gold unlike the MG Phenex due to high cost. Totally understandable for this, so I would be doing something about it ;)

Secondly, I bought this exclusive AGP MS Girl Unicorn Banshee from GKGundamKits website. This was my first visit to this website, and they deal with exclusive kits like the Premium-Bandai kits. Note that I had censored some of my personal details from there.

Lastly, I went to buy some spray paints and happen to pass by HAG. So I drop by take a quick look, and found what I want XD

Yup.. the SD Command Gundam what I was waiting for in HLJ (but was backordered lol)

That's about it for my haul this month =)

- Vic

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