Monday, June 30, 2014

[Completed][SD] BB NZ-999 Neo Zeong - [Updated 30 June 2014]

Before the arrival of the big monster, which is the HG Neo Zeong, let's take a look at this SD version of Neo Zeong. It's the biggest SD kit so far and it's box is almost as big as the normal HG box size. But it's cute nonetheless lol.. This is a warm up, to prepare myself for the upcoming HG Neo Zeong lol...

Click on 'Read More' to view more pics! XD

Dat size... Lol @.@

*Updated 29 June 2014: I started building the Mobile Armor first, since Sinanju is no stranger to everyone lol... There's alot of panel line in this one though lol...

*Update: Mobile Suit completed. Left it's backpack and weapons which I will continue to do tmr lol... the below pics were mostly the same as my previous SD Sinanju build which I did many months ago, but I will post them up for fun lol..

*Updated 30 June 2014: Done the back pack and it's partial weapons. The focus is on Neo Zeong, so any remaining weapons I didn't build them.

Hands all out!

I've just received a notification from HAW that RG Exia Repair parts has just arrived. So I'm gonna head down tomorrow to collect it =D

- Vic

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