Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June Updates

Another month has gone by and now I'm back again with my monthly updates lol... As you might realised I have been changing my blog's theme here and there and also put up a new background featuring my Holy Angel Knight and Holy ReZEL Guard. The image is a bit grainy for now (Blogger only accepts less than a freaking 300KB size image =.=) but I will try to improve it so for now the current background will do. I'm currently halted on all Gunpla building for various reasons. I still have one more normal build left and four more HMS kits outstanding and my currently Fortune Beargguy III for Father's Day (Very pressing for time on this kit, will explain later).

To state a few reasons, for the next two weeks I will be away for my National Service Reservist, which means going back to army camp, so I definitely can't touch any of my Gunpla kits of course, unless if I decided to bring along my SD Banshee Norn which is most unlikely lol... But that would depends anyway. I'm rather busy too preparing my stuffs for going back camp so I'm not really in the mood to do any builds.

As for the Fortune Beargguy III it is really a pressing matter for me. I'm currently out of Tamiya Gold spray paint and the worse thing that could happen is that the entire Singapore has completely no stocks for them, and it really happened (I think lol..). I was literally was like "What the f***???" lol... Actually I had hunted many places like Kiddy Palace (at Causeway Point & Jurong Point shopping malls), Hobby Point (Bras Basah & Tiong Bahru branch), M Workshop (Sunshine Plaza) and even Stargek, the local agent for Tamiya stuffs, and most of them said they're either waiting for stock or they are waiting for restock by end of this week. Well, probably I might be able to finish this one on time now. Thank goodness I still have 3 more cans of Silver Leaf color as that were out of stock too. I wonder why the sudden demand for these two colors...?

Anyway, lack of spray paint aside, this month will be featuring the huge HG Neo Zeong which I'm very exicited about as I had pre-ordered it with HAW, so I will be expecting to get it somewhere in July or early August according to HAW. I have already gotten the SD Neo Zeong and it's currently sitting in HLJ's Private Warehouse. I will ship it and all other outstanding kits (Just the RX-78-2 actually lol) out and will be enjoying them once my reservist is over lol.. MG Banshee Norn Exclusive will be out around this time as well so for that I will collect from HAW when I'm back from reservist.

A bit of updates on my HMS project. The next kit that will embark on this project will be the Holy Fighter (Without backpack units yet). It was originated from Build Strike Gundam from Gundam Build Fighters. With the Evolution Plan in place, Holy Fighter will be evolving two times with the help of Holy Strike Booster, which is the Build Booster, and Holy Star Booster, which is the Universe Booster. There will have different names for the two evolved kits for sure but that will be made known soon (It's already published in the blog, so you can look for it under the Holy Mobile Suit filter lol...) After all that is done, I will move on to the Holy Emperor (RX-78-2) and eventually the Holy Unicorn Emperor (RX-0 Unicorn) which will conclude my HMS project. I can't start work on it yet as as explained above, I'm out of Gold color and I'm not in the hurry to work on this yet, so yeah lol...

As my HMS project is coming to an end soon, I'm currently starting a new project which will be doing the opposite of Holy, which is obviously Darkness or Dark or whatever lol.. Same rule like my HMS, it's going to be still restricted to three-colors rule and I'm currently looking into the colors which would fit the theme of my new project and how well they can get together. Anyway the project is still in the pipeline and it's not going to happen anytime soon for the next 2 months or possibly longer, but I will see how it goes lol...

That's all for my updates. I won't be updating this blog for the next two weeks so I will resume updating again from 30th June onwards =)

- Vic

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