Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mini June Updates

I'm finally back home from my army camp! =D Just some quick updates and I'm off to bed lol..

Now back to the first order of business. I need to check on the Gold spray paint stock so that I can faster finish up my belated Father's Day present and my outstanding kits for HMS project.

Secondly I have no more kits (normal build) to build for now as I'm waiting for this months shipment from HLJ, where I'll be getting the MG 3.0 RX-78-2 Gundam, which is for my HMS project, and the long awaited Neo Zeong, in SD that is haha =P

Thirdly, as everyone is aware that HG Neo Zeong has been released, I would be expecting mine to arrive some time next month as I had pre-ordered it with HAW (bigger stuffs usually bought locally to avoid any custom taxes I might get if I were to buy it from HLJ lol) so this kit won't be happening anytime soon for now.

Lastly, I would be expecting the MG Banshee Norn and RG Exia Repair parts to be coming in anytime soon. Not sure when but I feel like it's gonna be close, but I will check up with HAW too as I pre-ordered from them as well lol...

That's all for this updates. I'm probably would be pre-occupied playing oneline games for these past few days as they had new content updated and I was tempted to play haha...

I will see you next month with the next blog updates. Cya! XD

- Vic

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