Friday, August 15, 2014

August Blog Updates

Another month has passed, and in a month's time, which is in September, it would be exactly 1 year of collecting and building and customizing Gunplas XD

I have slowed down in collecting new released Gunplas for the moment, I'm currently low on money, so I had no choice but to cancel a lot of the kits that I really wanted, like the Hi-Nu Ver Ka for instance. Nightingale is still on in HLJ, but it's likely that I might cancel that too. Apparently the Neo Zeong had drained too much of my money so I'm kinda tight on my budget right now lol... But anyway, I'm still good, I'm still able to survive through, so not to worry on that haha...

As for my HMS project, I'm officially shelving my "Holy Emperor"(RX78-2) kit for now, making my Holy Unicorn back as the first original version. Since I had promised myself to make the best of this kit, I had to put in more resources and efforts into this one. I'm not entering GBWC by the way, I'm not into competitions, it's more of a personal decision I made lol... Back to the Holy Unicorn Emperor kit, I have salvaged many of the parts from my Banshee Norn kit and also will be applying primer for the first time. I needed a white primer but the distributor didn't have stock so I bought a gray primer to experiment it out. So tomorrow I will be experimenting it on a plastic spoon and will see how it turns out to be. But I will still hunt around for the white primer and a few other colors along the way.

I'm also bringing in the Metallic Gold spray paint just for the Holy Unicorn Emperor but for now I can't do much about that as I needed a black spray paint color to get the desired metallic finished. So that goes into the list too lol... I'm planning to bring in the Metallic Silver as well, but not this month as you know I'm tight on budget, so yeah lol...

That's all for this month, I will be fully focusing on building my Holy Unicorn Emperor kit =)

- Vic

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