Sunday, July 24, 2016

[Completed][1/100] 05 Gundam Barbatos 6th Form

I bought this at Takashimaya mall where they held the Gunpla Expo 2016 at, and build it bit by bit over past few days during my break lol..

Since it still has parts to build the Barbatos 3rd form, I might as well build it in all forms using back the parts I took from the Graze kits. But I will be keeping it in it's 6th form ultimately lol..

Click on 'Read more' to view more pics! XD

These are all the forms, with exceptions for 3rd form with no weapons as my original Barbatos kit is being used for paint jobs..

1st Form

2nd Form

3rd Form
4th Form

5th Form

6th Form

Using back my Graze Commander as the punching bag for Barbatos haha..

And there you have it! I'm not sure when I'm able to do the paint job for my first Barbatos, hence that is why I took this chance to build it from this 6th form kit lol..

- Vic


  1. This is an awesome blog! found it while googling for some gunpla reviews and i'm glad i found it. I see that you build a lot of MGs, but would you recommend them over the RGs? I have built a couple of those but i'm not sure if i should start building MGs too.

    This barbatos looks awesome, but the wrench-like weapon is odd. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! =D RG kits were great in their own ways but I like the MG kits more due to it's size and easy painting.

      Yes I too agree that the wrench weapon is odd. But since the series were focusing more on melee/ranged weapons with real bullets than beam sabers/rifles, I would say the wrench pretty much make some sense at least haha..