Friday, February 27, 2015

February Updates (Delayed >.<)

Sorry for the late updates! Had been busy with work, study, Chinese New Year, etc, etc... I hadn't build any straight assembled Gunpla recently. But I had bought the MG Exia Dark Matter for myself but my friend wanted it more than I do, so I sold it to him at friend price. I could always wait for another one when HAG/HAW got them, I'm not in a hurry anyway lol.. I did got the Aila Jyrkiäinen figurine so that's okay for me haha... I will take a few shots of her when I got time, perhaps maybe next week or so.

The reason why I didn't really intend to build any Gunpla kits so soon is that I'm currently working on my custom build PG Unicorn based on God Mobile Suit project, which is also the kit I'm intending to participate in this year's GBWC. Spray painting for this kit is gonna be tough, as I will be separating all the parts from runners and spray painting individually. So just for this project I will be doing them in Phases. So currently now the first phase, I'm cutting each pieces out from the runners (including the white armor), the next phase would be fixing in the metal pieces onto certain white armors, and the next phase would be spray painting 1 color for all parts at one time. In between I would be doing some experimentation on certain stuffs ranging from diorama (a simple one, don't expect too much from me lol) to the kit's poses. I should able to complete it on time before the competition starts, assuming no disruptions or delay. This is what I planned up to now, I will make up the rest of the phases as I go along lol..

During my busy schedule, I did a little cleaning up to my HMS and DMS page and combined them into one page that's called the "Mobile Suit Gundam Mythical Century (MC)". So this would be my fan-made timeline for my HMS, DMS and GMS kits. Story-wise I'm still writing and would be updated once I added more kits to the DMS project to work on (After when I'm done with the PG Unicorn custom build that is lol...). Anyway, the link to my Fan-made timeline is up above which below the banner, or you can click down as well.

That's about it for this month. See you next for the next blog updates! XD

- Victor

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