Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 2015 Blog Updates!

Yes I know it's been quite some time already... January 2015 was a hectic month at work, and my part-time degree study had resumed on Monday (and will be going on for the next 11 more Mondays lol...) and I'm still in the state of recovering from my own little financial "crisis" so I have not been building anything for so long, and no time to update my blog too lol...

Anyway, I'm still wanting to build some Gunpla kits and I was waiting for Bandai's next upcoming MG kit for Gundam Build Fighters series. Here's a boxart I got from Gundam Guy's blog,

Yup... That's what coming up for next month February lol... I'm so looking forward to build this. Probably re-using the Exia's runners, all others like the backpack and it's swords were new molds. And this is kinda also my source of inspiration for my DMS project, which is still alive by the way haha...

Speaking of my DMS project, I really should head down to buy spray paints already... I'm hoping to get the colors I wanted by this week... My Dark Unicorn Emperor parts were all ready to be spray painted lol... I'm setting a benchmark to test out the color combinations on this kit, so if I'm satisfied with the outcome, I will use it regularly on my next upcoming kits that are under the DMS project.

Lastly, I know I had said previously that my Holy Unicorn Emperor would be the last kit for the HMS project, but after building the PG Unicorn it had me thinking over it that I should build PG Unicorn again and will be build under the HMS project. As to whether if I want to get another LED set and how to make the psychoframe parts to be clear gold and whatnot, is still under planning and would be experimenting when I can get another one if my finicial budget allows me to.

So yeah, that's about it for this month's updates. I will update again on the next month!

- Vic

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